9mm Once Fired Brass pk/100


♦ 9mm Once Fired Brass and nickel cases
♦ Washed and polished 9mm Range Brass
♦ Cases for 9mm Reloading Brass
♦ Boxer Primer pockets
♦ No aluminum or steel
♦ 2% – 3% additional added to each package of 9mm brass
♦ High quality Reloading 9mm Cases
♦ Guest Checkout, * Free shipping (includes insurance/tracking), no taxes, NO extra fees


Buy 9mm Once Fired Brass pk/100 Online for Sale

9mm Once Fired Brass pk/100 is sorted by size, steel/aluminum/Berdan cases removed, then washed and tumbled. These boxer prime 9mm range brass cases may include commercial and military casings.

If you are expecting a perfect case, then you would probably be happier with our new brass, these are quite good, but not perfect. 9mm bullet casings are one of your least expensive options when doing once fire 9mm brass bulk reloading. Additionally, we add an extra 2% to 3% 9mm once fire reloading brass cases to cover shortages and those that you may deem unusable.

If you are a new reloader or are not familiary with the term, please read our article “What is Once Fired Brass”. In a nutshell, Once Fire Brass (OFB) is NOT new brass, but an ammunition/firearms industry term that loosely describes use reloading brass cases. Although calle “once” fire, the actual number of times fire is unknown.

This range brass includes both commercial and military casings. OFB may have slight imperfections such as minor dings, dents, or bent mouths. Most flaws can be easily remov during resizing. What cannot be remove during resizing may be remove upon your first firing.

ALL BRASS, new and once fire, must be thoroughly inspected and resize. Inspect product for correct caliber and primer size, as incorrect caliber or “bad” brass will ship occasionally.

Additionally, any brass, new or once fire, should always be carefully inspect, and resize/decamp WITH YOUR DIES prior to loading. You will still need to FULL LENGTH RESIZE prior to loading. US Reloading Supply is not liable for damage to your equipment or weapon under any circumstances.


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