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Buy .32 ACP Ammo Online

Buy .32 ACP Ammo Online, introduced its Tomcat in 1996, and the tiny pistol chambered in .32 ACP continues to be an option for concealed carry and backup use.  Most notably the barrel rotates up to insert a cartridge, a pleasant advantage for anyone who struggles racking slides and doesn’t prefer revolvers.

Product details

Today there are three different versions of the 3032 Tomcat available. All are chambered in .32 ACP, run single action/double action, have a magazine capacity of seven cartridges—single stack—and its release is near the bottom of the left grip panel. The hammer is external and a manual safety is also located on the left side of the guns. Slides and barrels are steel on the blowback-operated pistols and frames are weight-saving aluminum. The lever to unlock the barrel for rotation is also located on the left side of the firearm, where most semi-autos have their slide stop.

The stainless 3032 Tomcat Inox model comes with a 2.4″ barrel, measures 4.92″ in length and weighs only 14.5 ozs. unloaded. It’s wears black grips and is the bargain in the line, coming in with an MSRP.

In 2020, the company rolled out a pair of new versions, both with threaded barrels that measure 2.9″ in length. The 303 Tomcat Covert wears wood grips and blued metalwork. It’s a classic look that has a price tag of $599. It’s also available with the shorter, unthreaded barrel for the same price. In its longer, muzzle-device-ready configuration it measures 5.42″ long and still manages to only tip the scales at 1.45 ozs.

The other new model, the Tomcat FDC, has a businesslike flat dark earth finish. Its physical specifications are identical to the Cover, but MSRP increases slightly to $619.

There are obvious advantages to small guns. While many people would prefer to carry larger calibers, such as a .45 ACP, it requires a larger gun to handle the extra energy associated with the bigger cartridge. Sure, there are smaller .45-caliber pistols, but there are practical limits on just how compact they can be.

There’s no doubt that any gunpowder-driven caliber can be lethal.



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