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Buy 40 S&W Ammo Online is a rimless straight pistol cartridge that uses small pistol primers. began its development after the 1986 Miami shootout involving the FBI where two agents were kill and another five wounded.

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The agents at the time were carrying their service revolvers (chambered in .357), pistols (chambered in 9mm), and shotguns. The aftermath of this incident caused the FBI to begin looking for a new caliber to take the place of its service revolvers.

This new round needed to offer increased capacity and had to deliver performance greater than or equal to that of the load currently carried by agents. After extensive testing, S&W joined with Winchester to give birth to this new caliber.

The FNS™-40 Compact offers the same features as the standard models but has 3.6” barrels and is designed to be snag-free for better concealment and a faster draw. The front sight also has a larger dot for faster target acquisition. The FNS™-40 Compact comes with two 10-round and one 14-round magazine.

Manufactured under Federal’s American Eagle brand, this product is brand new, brass-cased, boxer-primed, non-corrosive, and reloadable. It is a staple range and target practice ammunition. This is top of the line, American-made range ammo – it doesn’t get any better. This is the highest velocity 40 S&W round that American Eagle makes.

One of the most popular guns in law enforcement is the Glock 22. Take the virtues of the Glock 17 but give it a more powerful round. You lose a few rounds of capacity (15 instead of 17) but you’re left with one of the most rugged, reliable service pistols available. Thousands of police officers trust their lives to this gun.

There’s a caveat though. You see, early versions of the 22 didn’t fully support the case head due to the barrel design. The .40 S&W generates more chamber pressure than 9mm (not by too much; the increase is only about 2,000 psi), which has led to a number of case head separations — the dreaded Glock Kaboom Granted, ammunition plays a role, so it wasn’t entirely Glock’s fault.



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