Marlin 1895G Guide Gun 45/70 Lever Action Rifle


The venerable big-game-dropping performance of the 45-70 Gov’t. is now available in a compact gun that weighs only 7 lbs. It features an 18½” barrel and a straight-grip stock for fast pointing. The Model 1895G has richly blued steel.

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The Marlin 1895 switch- action rifles are 10 big- drag performances of the Marlin 1894s shelter for.45- 70 Govt and/ or.410 drag21/2″. Like others, Marlin denotes models similar as the 1894 and 1895 for the times they debut product. Marlin 1895G Guide Gun 45/70 Lever Action Rifle

Product Description

Compared to the 1894, the 1895 was erect around bigger classes and therefore had a larger barrel, magazine and receiver to handle the larger charges.

The flagship Model 1895 has beautiful American black walnut and butt. The receiver and other crucial essence factors are plushy blue furnishing a stunning neutralize of the wood.

This.45- 70 Govt shelter switch- action has a long 22 ” barrel with deep- cut Ballard digging numerous Marlin rifles feature long tubes that stop short of the nib, but this classic gun has a short magazine that gives this model a 4 1 capacity.

The Model 1895G is blue while the 1895GS has a astral pristine- sword finish across the receiver, detector, switch, barrel and tube. The featherlight six- shot diurnal Model 1895GBL is 37 ” long and weighs 7 pounds. The two- tone wood laminate stock is veritably seductive and goes great with all the blued essence shells.

The Model 1895 410 is the.410- sheltered 4 1 capacity interpretation with beautiful wood connected to blued essence shells.

The Model 1895SSBL mates a pristine- sword barrel to a great looking black/ argentine laminate stock and is sheltered for.45- 70 Government.

On top is an XS switch accessory rail accompanied by a ghost ring glance sight at hinder.

These are just a many of the samples of the emotional lineup of big drag switch- action Marlin Model 1895 rifles, all Made in USA!

Caliber: 45/70 Gov’t. Marlin 1895G Guide Gun Features


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