Taurus Model 85 38 Special +P Black Oxide Revolver (Cosmetic Blemishes)



Buy Taurus Model 85 38 Special +P Black Oxide Revolver (Cosmetic Blemishes) Online

Taurus Model 85 38 Special +P Black Oxide Revolver (Cosmetic Blemishes) is for sale on our website. It’s a very new model with some cosmetic flaws, however, it is still in very good overall shape. This rifle comes with a lifespan warranty and has been tested by our local gunsmiths to confirm its quality. This gun have never been use, and it comes with two boxes of ammunition. The Taurus Model 85 could be a double-action revolver split in.38 Special.

it had been originally intended to be worn in the waistline and fired when needed, but it also can be used as a home defense weapon. This model has cosmetic flaws on the finish, such as scratches and discoloration. The Taurus Model 85 includes a disclose hammer, an ejector rod that covers, and a transfer bar safety system. The stainless steel frame is lightweight and sturdy, and therefore the barrel has a slick black oxide finish.

The Taurus Model 85 revolver is a beautiful pistol that is design to be a high-quality, dependable firearm. It’s ideal for any gun enthusiast who enjoys shooting or anyone who wishes to acquire a piece of history. This model has been sample for accuracy and performance, and it delivers on both counts.

Ultra-fast. Ultra-reliable. It’s no wonder the 85s are our most popular family. Taurus packs them with a combination of customer-requested features and pairs them with the .38 Special +P ammo making them powerful, easy to carry, and lightning-quick to use.

  • Model: 85B2FS
  • Finish: Black Oxide
  • Caliber: .38 SPL +P RATED
  • Grips: Rubber
  • UPC: 7-25327-61125-7
  • Capacity: 5
  • Weight: 21 oz
  • Rate of Twist: 1:16.5”
  • Barrel Length: 2”
  • Height: 4.28”
  • Frame: Small
  • Width: 1.346”
  • Action: DA/SA
  • Front Sight: Fixed
  • Grooves: 6
  • Safety: Taurus Security System, Transfer Bar
  • Trigger Type: Smooth
  • Order #: 2-850021FS


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